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If you haven’t had your home’s air duct network cleaned in a while, it probably means the same old air, laden with contaminants and dander, is circulating throughout your household. Over a period of time, the air moving through your home acquires many of the pollutants and chemicals brought in from outdoors, as well as any particles that your furnace or air conditioner sheds and circulates. Any of the solid particles that get pushed through your duct network can easily get stuck on some part of the ducting, and become attached there.

A great many homeowners have been horrified by the kind of material that comes out of the average duct network – old socks, tons of dust, twigs, nests, and even critters. A wide variety of dead animals have been found inside ducting, with birds being the most common discovery. When we do a visual inspection of your ducting, we can send a camera down each pathway to get a glimpse of what is being stored there. Then we know where to concentrate our efforts, and where the most work will be needed. Whatever is impeding your airway ducts, we’ll find it and have it removed, so you have completely free passageways once again.

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Air Duct Cleaning Service

Impact of Clean Air Ducts

If you have anyone in your household who has respiratory issues, those individuals will probably notice right away that the interior air quality has been improved. With all the exterior contaminants removed, air quality gets an instant upgrade, and breathing will be much easier for those who sometimes have difficulty. Once your ducts have been thoroughly cleaned out, your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work so hard to circulate fresh, clean air all around, and you may notice a reduction in your utility bills.

There’s another big benefit provided by conducting an inspection and cleaning of your air ducts. Quite often, damage has occurred to the ducting at some point, usually out of sight of household occupants. An inspection looks for just such types of damage, whereas a homeowner might never actually look for damage don to the ducting. When we find anything amiss, we’ll discuss options with you for managing the situation and for making the duct system whole again.

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